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Maison Boucheron – High Jewelry collections Care Blanche 2022

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Maison Boucheron – High Jewelry  collections Care Blanche 2022

Maison Boucheron offers the studio complete creative freedom. High Jewelry collections that put creation and innovation at the heart of emotion.

Somewhere else

Carte Blanche High Jewelry Collection July 2022


Ailleurs – Elsewhere – is where Claire Choisne and her studio are taking us with this new Collection. An “elsewhere” where everything becomes possible, without any borders, and where nature is in a raw state. From the deserts to the oceans, the mountains to the rainforests, Studio Boucheron has confronted and mixed together worlds and materials one could initially think are contradictory; where diamonds meet pebbles and burnt wood, gold meets rattan and meteorite.



Carte Blanche High Jewelry Collection July 2021

“With this Holographique collection, I sought to offer Boucheron a new definition of light. To capture its essence, I used color. Each piece is like a prism that captures the complexity of light by representing all the colors that comprise it. Each piece reveals the colors of the world in a new light.”
– Claire Choisne



Carte Blanche High Jewelry Collection July 2020

Capturing a fleeting moment so it will never disappear. Suspending time. Expressing through creation what words cannot say. This is the poetry that Claire Choisne brings to us this year, in a personal, intimate and almost secretive collection of High Jewelry. She reinterprets the codes of Maison Boucheron and takes them on a journey into her own creative universe.